Live Video Production

We understand hiring a professional video production company is vital when considering all that goes into live production. At Video Production Inc. we are very experienced in live video production with a history in Television News, Weddings, Editing, Directing, and more. An example of a live production would be a sporting event such as NFL Football or NBA Basketball, Church Services, Weddings, Concerts and Musical Performances. All are completely different types of events but because all involve the process of live video production that may or may not be scripted they are all similar when considering you only have one chance to get it right.

Video Editing

As an experienced television news editor and cameramen at Video Production Inc. we are able to provide top of the line post production services on multiple editing platforms including Avid and Adobe Premiere Pro. Once complete edited files can be delivered to the client in almost any required format. This may include DVD, Blu-Ray, Mini DVD, H.264, MPEG, Quick Time, AVI, Standard and Hi-Def.

Camera Operations

Filming video is a skillset that requires experience and training. Regardless if it is a industry motion picture or a small business commercial no matter the size of the project we will be glad to help you reach your goals. If your project requires us to only shoot and provide raw footage we can provide this service in multiple ways depending on the needs of the client.